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Come fare marketing internazionale con il digital

A company that wants to expand its business internationally must necessarily implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

The digital international marketing leads to a long series of benefits:

- Increases the ability to create targeted customer contacts around the world;

- Improves customer management process;

- Makes the company able to create structured content specifically for the target audience,

- Improves your ability to manage the communication of different online channels.

Communication within a digital international marketing strategy needs to be completely molded around the culture and language of the different countries. In this way the whole strategy will have as its central focus the potential customers with their culture and needs.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, the digital marketing is able to contain the costs and to achieve more suitable results in a shorter period of time. The channels on which it can operate are many, but the exploitation of the huge potential of social networks is critical. Regardless of the chosen channel, the company will be able to generate leads and excellent conversion rates, with the ability to monitor the results and make the appropriate changes. It is crucial the knowledge of the culture and the public of the country in which a company intends to extend its business relationships. Let's see what are the key elements to keep in mind:

- Significant knowledge about the language, culture and habits is essential. Regarding the language, it is necessary to translate the site by performing a localization of it accurate and precise. The literal translation are counterproductive.

- To know the economic situation and therefore the per capita income, currency and the most common methods of payment are other essential factors. On these items the company will base the choice of the type of products or services and the prices to be offered.

- The policy framework can influence a digital marketing strategy. Implementation of SEO techniques at the international level means creating new opportunities for visibility and conversions to the company website, going to heal and strengthen the level of recognizability of the brand of the company.

You will need to research the keywords most frequently used in search queries and analyze the strategies and behaviors implemented by the major competitors. Also, the implementation of effective strategies of content marketing in the mother tongue or of the countries of which they will expand the business can be a very important step.

I was born in Abruzzo, then, Bologna was, for many years, my city of adoption before returning to Abruzzo. At University, I had the opportunity to devote myself to the study of my favourite subjects such as foreign languages and cultures. After BA and MA in Russian Language and Literature, I also obtained a PhD in Comparative Literature at the Doctoral School of the University of Bologna. I spent those years trying to better understand different cultures, not just at the desk but traveling for long periods (and cold winters!) especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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