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Export Manager

Recently it is becoming more widespread in companies, an important professional figure, which may be the key to the success of these on the market, we talk about the Temporary Export Manager, a figure already well spread abroad, and who is coming also well known in our Country.

In particular, the Temporary Export Manager is the one who has to try to outline the strategies that the company has to take on the various international markets to start, or confirm, their presence in the international arena which can be very changeable. This manager needs to ensure a constant effort and a great knowledge of the international economic landscape, so we understand well the complexity of this role and the high preparation that must have those covering it. A TEM is also a person which must be able to solve also controversial that can arise on the different international markets, thus also requires a large capacity of diplomacy.

The characteristic of this type of manager is that it is not a permanent presence in the company, in fact, will be hired on a temporary basis: his confirmation in fact depend on the results that the company will succeed in obtaining international markets. In fact, many business owners would like to invest abroad, and then equip themselves with suitable personnel to do so, however, the labor costs become exorbitant resources to keep the genre, then here it is that you rely on these temporary export manager, who must act according to some basic principles. Firstly, he or she must be concrete, that is, must present their study on a particular market and the prospects that this may have, as soon as possible, because then you will have to see on the field the actual results that will be able to obtain.

Then he or she has to maintain an attitude based on professionalism: this figure should in fact know all the aspects related to foreign trading, especially those that are binding legal contracts and beyond. Finally he or she must act transparently, in fact, in negotiations abroad a temporary export manager must always act according to the guidelines of the entrepreneur who hired him or her.

Being an external consultant, the Temporary Export manager can bring in dowry company, all the contacts who obtained in the past and therefore can open new markets and new market opportunities. Usually the collaboration can last a year, but you can also decide for a partnership that has a more long-term, such as for 18 or 24 months.

I was born in Abruzzo, then, Bologna was, for many years, my city of adoption before returning to Abruzzo. At University, I had the opportunity to devote myself to the study of my favourite subjects such as foreign languages and cultures. After BA and MA in Russian Language and Literature, I also obtained a PhD in Comparative Literature at the Doctoral School of the University of Bologna. I spent those years trying to better understand different cultures, not just at the desk but traveling for long periods (and cold winters!) especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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