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Great success for the "Incoming buyers from Poland". Positive results and enthusiasm from buyers and companies.

It has just completed the initiative "Incoming buyers from Poland" during which four Polish buyers of food&wine industry visited as many as 15 companies in Abruzzo and Molise in an intense four-days program. The buyers, owners of import companies and retail chains, participated as a first step to a collective tasting event that was held in the elegant showroom Arienti Furniture Company in Chieti.

During the event have been tasted extra virgin olive oil, wine, craft beer, pickles, cooked wine and pastries.

In the following days there were numerous visits directly in the wineries, oil mill, food and dairy of Abruzzo and Molise. Companies and their owners have opened their doors and welcomed buyers not only for tasting the products, but above all to show the production processes, make tangible where and how the excellent food and wines ‘come alive’, tell the story that, in many cases by numerous generations, is behind the finished product.

The Polish market, as it emerged from the business matches that importers have played with the companies, it is a reality that has the following characteristics of interest:

- Strong attraction for the Italian products

- Growth of awareness with respect to the quality product

- Increased spending power

- Search for foods and quality wines suited to the social status of those who purchase them

- Tendency to give up overeating, toward healthy food choices

So the premises are encouraging. Otherwise, the buyers have emphasized often that at present the market for food&wine in Poland is dominated mainly by products from a few regions of Italy, above all Tuscany, Veneto, Piedmont, but also Sicily and Puglia; while they are remaining almost unknown the productions of other regions which are instead capable of great excellences.

The best way to be known and appreciated in Poland, according to the professionals, is to let the potential consumer to get in touch directly with the products through tasting events and initiatives to educate the taste of Polish consumers to Italian products. For them it was indeed a great pleasure, but also a big surprise, to discover two regions such as Abruzzo and Molise visiting them in person and greatly accelerating the comprehension times on the market potential of the products of these regions can have on the market Polish.

The next step, for the companies that have joined the initiative, will be during the great fairs like Pro Wein and Vinitaly where Polish buyers will return to visit the stands of the companies that have had the pleasure to meet during the past days.

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